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The PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENT CATHOLIC CHURCH (IGLESIA CATOLICA FILIPINA INDEPENDIENTE) affirms its commitment to continue its distinction as the genuine “Filipino Church”. It takes from its forebear its unwavering nationalistic character. The PICC is the Filipino Church; it has a unique root in the history of the Philippines. As such, it is committed to continue the original vision of its first Supreme Bishop Gregorio Aglipay.


Strengthened by the lessons of the past and attuned to the evolving social realities, the PICC is aware of its role as a spiritual beacon of the Filipinos. Its relevance must be asserted through conscious efforts of its leaders and members. Its presence must be felt by more aggressive comprehensive agenda as it pursues its vision.


This strategic plan is historic, albeit single, step toward this direction. In everything, the PICC shall be guided by the following mandates and principles.




The Philippine Independent Catholic Church or Iglesia Catolica Filipian Independiente envisions a worshipping community of Christian believers, living in the love, word and spirit of God, responding to the needs of the times, where both clergy and laity are empowered in the service of proclaiming the Gospel.




The Philippine Independent Catholic Church, a catholic church founded in the Philippines, is committed to:


  1. Propagate Christianity cognizant of cultures and values;
  2. Promote Spirituality based on the unconditional love of God.
  3. Moral Ascendancy;
  4. Implement in Integrity various holistic ministries for all, especially the poor, oppressed and in need; and
  5. Attain Holistic and sustainable development.




To develop the capability and sustainability of PICC from the national down to local levels in order to deliver its programs in an effective, efficient, and sustained manner through the adoption of purposeful organizational and financial development measures.

To enhance and institutionalize the church programs including outreach community projects.




BRETHREN, you are at present by the holy heritage that you received from the holy founder and by the grace of God from your forbears, to suffer, for in so suffering the victor will always be worthy of the prize. Being lettered and literate in the councils of the church and ecclesiastical history, you are versed, I know, in the necessity-not a material necessity- but a spiritual requirement and prerequisite of church leadership that will last and endure through the ages. The greatness of the Philippine Independent Catholic Church is destined to be the outcome of the vicissitudes of spiritual upheavals and moral struggle because it has to be the real church that will best answer to the needs of our people maybe in the future-if not today-where the influence and the power of the strongest church is at its supreme state. Lose no hope. Our church must undergo the test and trials that are still more bitter and more hazardous that may require the tenacity of purpose, nerve and fiber in character to the extent of power that shall win or triumph through the ages. Upon your shoulders, my holy brother, lies the mission on which shall rely the future of our church. Your failures today shall be the tragedy of the days to come for those in the fold upon which you fix your eye to bestow the ring and the symbol of power that rightfully belongs to you and none other. I request and beseech you, my brother, to take me for gospel when I say once again that our church is destined to be our people’s religion. Forget me if you will, but posterity will always be the proof and living reality of what had passed between us now. Work and suffer the hardships on the road. Climb to the ideals of the church that you rightfully serve and the people whose faith shall be reborn with the guidance that you may lead them. I hope that with these tidings your difficult problem may have been eased or lightened and the burden of your doubts clarified when I tell you that we shall win. Leadership is heavy and shall fall upon your shoulders. Tarry not, and proceed until you reach your goal.


A message from the late


(May 8, 1860-September 1, l940)

  First Supreme Bishop

 Philippine Independent Catholic Church/Philippine Independent Church




(Himig at titik Supreme Bishop Armando dela Cruz, D.D.)



Ang Simbahang Pilipino,

ay sariling simbahan natin.

Sa Pilipinas siya’y tumubo,

sa Pilipino’y nagturo.

Kabanalan at kagandahan,

ng loob sa tuwina’y tandaan.

Pananalig sa may likhang Diyos,

pangunahin niyang utos. (*)


(*)Halina kababayan, ating pag-ukulan.

Pag-ibig na wagas, mahal nating bayan.

Kapakanan niya’y wag pabayaan,

Pagsulong sa kaunlaran at kinabukasan.



Ihayag nati’y katotohan,

ngayon at magpakailanman.


Ang Simbahang Pilipino,

Ang sagisag ng pag-ibig ko.

Sa Pilipinas na aking bayan,

ang buhay ko’y handing ilaan.

Kapayapaa’t pagmamahalan,

Sa bawat kapatid tandaan.

Ihayag nati’y katotohanan,

Ngayon at magpakailanman.(*)



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